Sombras, plata, plomo y derivados

Idea, production, cinematography, editing: David Reznak
Sound: Gloria Oyarzabal
42”, 35mm Color, Dolby SR

Producciones Espejo Frío for La Fàbrica de Cinema Alternatiu Catalunya, 2009
Shot in Murcia, on DVCPRO-HD

Special thanks to Martín Eller for his hard work, the ravens, the sun, and all those who once toiled in the mines to create those huge mullocks.

Screening at: CCCB, Cinema Casablanca-Kaplan, Institut Francès, MACBA, Casa Amèrica, FNAC el Triangle, Cinemes Verdi, Renoir Floridablanca, Renoir Les Corts, Cinemes Méliès, Alexandra-Alexis, Xarxa de Televisions Locals, Barcelona TV and C33.

“First-time feature director Radu Jude drew inspiration for the project from an actual incident he happened to witness while working in advertising. Employing an intentionally unglamorous aesthetic, he skilfully strips Mr. and Mrs. Fratila of their supposed good intentions, leaving just a man, a woman and a money-making scheme. Drawing uncomfortable parallels between real life and a not-so-unreal movie universe, The Happiest Girl in the World (Cea mai fericita fata din lume) is a gleaming jewel in Romanian cinema’s no-nonsense crown” Toronto International Film Festival. Screening at l’Alternativa on Monday 16th November 2009.