Verano de Goliat, the new film by Mexican filmmaker Nicolás Pereda (whose films ¿Dónde están sus historias?, Perpetuum mobile and Entrevista con la tierra have all screened at previous editions of l’Alternativa), won the Orizzonti Prize at the 67th Venice International Film Festival and has just won Best Film at the Valdivia International Film Festival

Screening in competition at l’Alternativa Sunday 14th & Friday 19th November. Spanish première

“As I neared Gaza I started to think about the shots that had been shown on television since the beginning of the attacks. Rubble, dead and wounded people, the same pictures, endlessly out of context, spread over news broadcasts, reflecting a mute, dull, incomprehensible horror. I then crossed the border. That feeling of bewilderment disappeared as I began to get my bearings, taking one look at a time, amongst the places, the tempos, the faces of a country at war.” (Stefano Savona)

Piombo fuso screens in competition at l’Alternativa on Thursday 18th November 2010. Spanish première

Woman on Fire Looks for Water is Woo Ming-jin’s (born 1976) third feature film (his fourth film The Tiger Factory premiered at the Director’s Fortnight this year), and consolidates him as one of Malaysia’s most prolific and exciting young filmmakers. “The story of this film is very simple. I’m not quite sure why it took so long to write it (a year and a half). I wanted to find the truth in the characters. They make decisions that may seem irrational, but are practical to them. In this manner, they are pure. But they can’t stay pure forever. Something happens. I suppose I wanted to capture this emotion.” Woo Ming-jin

In competition at l’Alternativa screening Tuesday 16th & Thursday 18th November 2010. Spanish première.

Huacho del cineasta chileno Alejandro Fernández Almendras (cuyo corto Lo que trae la lluvia estuvo en l’Alternativa 2007) se estrenó en la Semana de la Crítica en el Festival de Cannes el año pasado seguido por su estreno en salas en Chile y Francia. “Huacho es el Chile que yo veo. Quise hacer un cine social que influya y que tenga trasfondo… Sé que no es una película muy comercial, pero me gustaría que la viera la mayor cantidad de personas, que pueda conectar a la gente en Chile, que se vea a sí misma. Porque estos personajes no son el Chile de plástico que nos venden los medios.” (AFA)

Proyección en l’Alternativa jueves 18 & viernes 19 noviembre 2010.
Alejandro Fernández Almendras
presentará la proyección jueves 18 nov.

“I decided to make Rabbit à la Berlin when I heard that thousands of rabbits had lived free and happy, enclosed between the Berlin Walls.” Celebrated Polish filmmaker Andrzej Wajda wrote a letter of recommendation for the film-makers when they were raising money to make the film, he also attended an early screening of the completed project, “After the screening, he said something very interesting. He liked the film and he never expected that the rabbits would be such great actors! (…) I realized it was a unique chance to tell the history of communism and about the fates of my parents and friends (…) It took us four years to complete.” (Bartek Konopka)

Mauerhase (Rabbit à la Berlin) screens in competition at l’Alternativa on Monday 15th November 2010