18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022




In the same way that the spider plant—known in Spanish as malamadre ‘bad mother’—throws its children out into the world, the director of Puerperio is also stumbling to find her own voice. Armed with a home movie camera and a sharp dose of  humour, she sets out to battle her feeling of being an imposter: a filmmaker who can’t film, a second-class mother. This is a film about a mother who is learning the ropes made by an aspiring filmmaker fascinated by the discovery of seeing the world through fresh eyes.


Pili Álvarez graduated in fine arts from the Universidad de Salamanca in 2005. She spent her final year in Lisbon, where she specialised in audiovisuals. In 2010 she did a diploma in documentary filmmaking at the Instituto del Cine in Madrid. In 2013 she studied documentary directing documentaries at the EICTV film school in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Her audiovisual work has been screened at art centres, in solo and group shows exposiciones and at international film festivals. Toma Dos won the Best Short Film Award at Punto de Vista Festival in Pamplona in 2013.