18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

Mis dos voces



A poetic reflection on the fluid nature of identity, Mis dos voces focuses on Ana, Claudia, and Marinela, three Latin American women who share their intimate experiences of immigrating to Canada while reflecting on themes of violence, belonging, motherhood, and reconciliation. Lina Rodríguez freely mixes their voiceovers with on-screen images to forge a documentary out of the deliberate tension that blurs the line between the different voices


Lina Rodríguez (Bogotá, 1980) studied film and video production at York University in Toronto, Canada. She has written, directed and produced several experimental shorts, including Convergences et rencontres, Pont du Carrousel and Protocol. Her film and video installations have been exhibited in museums worldwide. Her debut feature, Señoritas (2013), was followed by Mañana a esta hora (2016), which premiered to critical acclaim at the Locarno Film Festival. Her work has also been screened at festivals in de Berlin, Toronto, New York and Mar del Plata. After making the experimental documentary Mis dos voces, she finished her third fiction feature, So Much Tenderness.