Cinema Pendent Prizes


Cinema Pendent Prize in l'Alternativa Professionals

Cinema Pendent awards a €3,000 cash prize to the boldest project with the best production design to help boost its development and help it on its way. This prize is awarded by the Cinema Pendent Selection Committee.

Kinolux & Welab–Cinema Pendent Prize in l’Alternativa Professionals

The professional film lighting hire company Kinolux and the professional film equipment hire company Welab Professional Equipment award a prize in l’Alternativa Professionals to the shortlisted Cinema Pendent project with best photography. The prize consists of €3,000 in digital film lighting material hire and €3,000 in camera hire for shooting the film within a year of winning the prize.

Non Finito–Cinema Pendent Prize in l’Alternativa Professionals

The winning feature film project will receive advice and assistance on sound design and final mix from award-winning sound and dubbing mixer Alejandro Castillo at Figtree Studios, a Dolby Premier mixing studio in Barcelona. The Non Finito Prize is worth €4,000.

Antaviana–Cinema Pendent Prize in l’Alternativa Professionals

The postproduction and digital effects company Antaviana Films awards a prize in l’Alternativa Professionals to the most original and viable shortlisted Cinema Pendent project. It consists of a Digital Cinema Package of the winning film worth €2,500.

Music Library & SFX–Cinema Pendent Prize in l’Alternativa Professionals

The Music Library &SFX Prize, worth €1,500, is awarded to the shortlisted project with the best sound and music. The winning project will have access to the entire Music Library & SFX catalogue of music and sound effects, as well as to the 360° music supervision service offered by its Acorde division.

Premio Cine Casi Hecho MECAS in l'Alternativa Professionals

In collaboration with the Mercado Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas, one shortlisted project from Cinema Pendent will be invited to take part in the Cine Casi Hecho programme at MECAS 2023.

REC Primer Test–Cinema Pendent Prize in l’Alternativa Professionals

L’Alternativa Professionals, in collaboration with REC, Tarragona International Film Festival, will choose one of the shortlisted projects at the postproduction stage to take part in Primer Test.

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