18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

Piştî mirinê



The story of a blacksmith whose life changed after the 2014 Islamic State attack on his city, Kobanê. He wanders the streets and alleys of his city picking up the remnants of weapons and missiles to turn into objects and artistic structures in an attempt to create hope and spread a spirit of optimism through art.


Mahmoud Chakmaki is a writer and filmmaker from Jiay Kurmanj Afrin. He took part in the 2021 Palestinian Return Festival and 2020 Lelun International Film Festival. He is the director of Lorînê Dayikê (2019).
Rawan Jomi is a Yazidi writer from Afrin. He wrote the screenplay for the short film Al Majnun (2016). He cowrote the documentary The Mother’s Wailing – Afrin the Last Days, directed by Mahmoud Jaqmaki, in 2019. He won the Ya Mal al-Sham award for poetry in 2016.