Hall Calls for Short Shorts

Call for Short Short Films


Cinema of Resistance

We're opening this year's Hall Calls for Short Shorts!

Following on from the success of previous years' little numbers, we're once again inviting you to send us your short short films.

If last year's creative gauntlet was to make a short short film on personal and/or historical memory, this year we'd like one on cinema of resistance, which should give budding filmmakers enough scope to let their imagination run wild.

Remember, short means short: 1 minute max.

So that's your summer homework sorted, then.

We'll draw up a shortlist of the short shorts that caught our eye from all the entries received to screen as part of our virtual Hall, aka our all-singing, all-dancing YouTube channel. Hall fans will then vote for their top three, which will be screened on the Hall screen in the CCCB during the festival and might also win further mystery prizes!

You've got until 17 September to rummage in your archive.

Remember: short shorts must be no more than 1 minute long.

Best of luck!

Finally, to get your creative juices flowing, here's the opening minute of one of the films selected for last year's Hall Selects, Wall Piano, which would have made a great entry for this year's Hall Calls for Short Shorts:

  • This year's theme: cinema of resistance
  • Maximum running time: 1 minute
  • Deadline: 17 September
Send us your short short