15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

El retablo de las maravillas. Apuntes para una película sobre el Quijote



A film made out of burning books, windows and calendars. A lockdown movie full of lies, fictions, post-truths and alterations of the quarantined mind, written in forty days of silence as notes for some other future film in an increasingly unrecognisable city. Cervantes, who was all too familiar with quarantines and pandemics, presides over a play of mirrors across the centuries linking Madrid and Beijing, while his creatures sift through the news, political strategies and posturing in the spring 2000 newspapers as Madrid sleepwalks through month after unreal month.


Guillermo G. Peydró (Madrid, 1981) is a filmmaker and programmer with a PhD in Art History. His films, including El jardín imaginario (2012), Las variaciones Guernica (2012) and La ciudad del trabajo (2015), explore the interplay between filmmaking and other art forms and have been screened at museums such as the Louvre and Reina Sofía and at festivals worldwide. Since 2016 he has been working with French sculptor Jeanne de Petriconi on expanded cinema projects. He has programmed films at Punto de Vista and DocumentaMadrid. His book El cine sobre arte. De la dramatización de la pintura al cine-ensayo (2019) is the result of a decade of research at international archives on the possibilities of filming the visual arts. He was at l'Alternativa 2020 to present his book and give a seminar to tie in with the Art of Film. Film on Art parallel section, organised in collaboration with the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.