15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

O Kalabalığı Hatırla



Is staying home enough to stay alive? In Remember the March, Güliz Sağlam documents the days when women took to the streets despite the pandemic to protest against male violence. As the camera watches the empty streets from a window, Sağlam narrates excerpts from the Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation’s reports on violence against women during the pandemic, laying bare the failure to put Turkish law into practice. Then, when women venture out onto the street, the camera becomes part of the crowd, reminding us of the power in solidarity in hopeless times.


Güliz Sağlam is an independent documentary filmmaker and video activist. Her work focuses on social issues such as immigration, female workers’ strikes and women's resistance movements across Turkey, as well as campaigns by women’s organisations and networks forged by feminism, women's labour movements and peace activism. She helps organise Documentarist Istanbul Documentary Days and plays an active role in several video activist collectives. Her films have been screened at film festivals worldwide. Her debut documentary feature, A Dream School in the Steppes, has won a clutch of awards, including Best Documentary Award at the 47th Turkish Film Critics Association Awards and the FIPRESCI Award at the 7th Documentarist Istanbul Documentary Days.