15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Young Filmgoers


Forging Ties with Young People

For a number of years, l’Alternativa, Cinema en curs and Moving Cinema have been working in tandem to forge closer ties between the festival and young people. Thanks to Cinema en curs and Moving Cinema—and hours of hard work by dedicated teaching staff—we have been able to set up projects to encourage young people to discover and analyse a range of different styles of filmmaking and then write texts and give public presentations about the films they have watched.

Young Programmers

The Joves Programadors Moving Cinema are group of 19- to 20-year-olds who get together every week to watch and discuss work by European filmmakers. They also programme screenings at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, a number of Barcelona film festivals and several cultural spaces. At this year's l'Alternativa, the Joves Programadors are presenting three sessions:

  • Telenovela Greyscale, by Filip Martinovic (feature film in l’Alternativa Official Spanish Films), in conversation with Filip Martinovic
  • Ponette, by Jacques Doillon (feature film in l’Alternativa Parallel Satellites: Carla Simón), in conversation with Carla Simón
  • Jouer Ponette, by Jeanne Crépeau (feature film in l’Alternativa Parallel Satellites: Carla Simón), n conversation with Carla Simón

The group of Joves Programadors Moving Cinema at l’Alternativa 2021 is made up of Daniel Benítez, Carla Claret, Carles Forner, Lara Guerra, Núria Jordán, Tomàs Malavía, Maria Antònia Miró, Georgina Mulet, Judit Ortuño, Pau Peláez and Mar Teixidor.

This initiative forms part of the European Moving Cinema project, led by A Bao A Qu.

Young Programmers in Schools

This year, the young people taking part in the initiative Joves Programadors als instituts, as part of the Moving Cinema programme, are partnering with l’Alternativa to present this special warm-up session:

The Barcelona big-screen premiere of Um filme de verão, which won the International Feature Film Prize in l'Alternativa Official at the 27th edition of the festival.

Presentation by students at the Institut Maria Espinalt as part of the Moving Cinema - Joves Programadors als instituts programme, run by A Bao A Qu.

The Joves Programadors als instituts are Yvette Buñuel, Rita Caparrós, Marta Carrillo, Jan Centelles, Soufian El Mahdaoui and Candela Yodar.

Young Spectators

In partnership with A Bao A Qu, we shall be coaxing and cajoling secondary and baccalaureate students into attending some of the onsite screenings at this year's festival, accompanied by their teachers and the Cinema en Curs team.

Film Schools

This year we have prepared three sessions in the Film Schools section:

In collaboration with
A Bao A Qu
Moving Cinema
Cinema en curs