16-29 NOV. 2020
Onsite + Online



The city of Lisbon gradually reveals itself through a window. Disdaining its industrial past, it polishes up its façades for the surge of visitors. A documentary that probes the city with a zoom lens without ever leaving the house.


Art collective Left Hand Rotation have been making projects combining video intervention, appropriation, recording and meddling since 2005. As an impersonal group with no ties to any one creator, they see the target community for each project not as spectators but as active agents who play a vital role in bringing about social change. It is these communities' urge to make their voice heard that drives the action. Their films include O Que Vai Acontecer Aqui? (2019), Fascínio (2018), Terramotourism (2016), Ficción Inmobiliaria (2014–2016), Set: (2014) y Western: Sáhara (2012).