11-17 NOV. 2019

Hasta que las nubes nos unan, Guardiola-Diola


“The film links the final throes of a rural community in the Penedès region of Catalonia, Guardiola, with the ancestral rhythms of life in a Jola village in the Casamance region of Senegal that has remained miraculously immune to the winds of change blown by Islam and capitalism. The result is a freely flowing film far removed from present-day filmmaking that paints the only possible portrait of rural Africa. Very much of the Mekas school of filmmaking, the director appears to see through the eyes of others and his unbiased insight has the power to question our own conception of life” (Sergio de Benito).


Lluís Escartín (Barcelona, 1966) travelled to NYC in the late 1980s, where he worked at the Anthology Film Archives. Since then he has made many personal documentaries all over the world. A number of his films have been screened at l'Alternativa, including Path of the Bees (1999), Mohave Cruising (2000), Texas Sunrise (2002) and Amanar Tamasheq (2010).