11-17 NOV. 2019



María emigrated from Ecuador and for the last ten years has lived in a town in La Mancha, keeping house and caring for Rosita, the filmmaker’s grandmother. Andrómedas observes them as they go about life, focusing on their everyday interactions, while other women pop in with the latest gossip to share around the kitchen table strewn with saffron flowers. The flavours rising from the pots on the stove waft outside to the cats in the courtyard as the sounds of the outside world drift in and the trees look on. However, this delicately balanced world is about to be upset when María asks for a fortnight off.


Clara Sanz studied human sciences, communication and visual anthropology. She did a Master’s Degree in Creative Documentary at Lussas, France, and is a member of the Lumière association. She has worked closely with a number of festivals and associations, including the Videodrome 2 cinema in Marseille, Mostra Ficção Viva in Curitiba and Association Ardèche Images, with which she currently runs film workshops. Andrómedas is her first feature.