12-18 November 2018

Meshes of the Afternoon

Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid

Meshes of the Afternoon (Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid)
L'Alternativa Parallel / She Cuts / Meshes of the Afternoon


Creative editing, shifting subjective/objective camera angles and slow motion have established Meshes of the Afternoon as one of the most influential and captivating works in American experimental cinema. The protagonist, played by Deren, appears in a dreamlike trance, caught in an eerie loop of symbols, repeated movements and alter egos. 


  • Country United States
  • Year 1943
  • Format Digital
  • Running time 18 min
  • Image BW
  • Language No dialogue
  • Producer Maya Deren
  • Screenplay Maya Deren
  • Photography Alexander Hammid
  • Editor Maya Deren
  • Actors Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid


Thursday 15, 21.30 h — Filmoteca de Catalunya
02/12, 19.30 h — Filmoteca de Catalunya
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