12-18 November 2018

Amanecer (Dawn)

Carmen Torres

Amanecer (Carmen Torres)


The director's mother died when she was 14. As her voice and gestures started to fade from Carmen's memory, she felt a growing need to find her biological mother. Thus began a 20-year quest. Amanecer explores ideas of maternity, identity, trauma and memories, ties, love and loss, what makes us who and how we are.


Carmen Torres is a filmmaker, screenwriter and cinematographer. She directed the photography for Albertina Carri’s Los rubios (2003), which won the Festival Prize for Best Feature Film at l’Alternativa in 2004, Andrés Denegri’s Luján (2004) and Andrés Duque’s Oleg y las raras artes (2015), which won her a nomination for Best Cinematography at the Ibero-American Fénix Film Awards. Amanecer is her first feature.


  • Country Spain, Colombia
  • Year 2018
  • Format Digital
  • Running time 78 min
  • Image Colour
  • Language Spanish
  • Subtitles English
  • Production company Estudi Playtime
  • Producer Marta Andreu
  • Screenplay Carmen Torres, Marta Andreu
  • Photography Carmen Torres
  • Editor Isabela Monteiro de Castro
  • Sound Alejandro Castillo
  • Contact [email protected]


Festival de Cine de Cartagena de Indias - Premio a la Mejor película colombiana Documenta Madrid Docs Lisboa


Friday 16, 19.00 h — Zumzeig

Presented by Carmen Torres