13-19 November 2017


Liliana Dí­az Castillo

Iris (Liliana Dí­az Castillo)


Iris, a 22-year-old Colombian, has a ticket to return to her country for good in 24 hours’ time. Her doubts about going back lead her to investigate what her possible future as an illegal immigrant might be like.


  • Country Colombia, France
  • Year 2017
  • Format digital
  • Running time 23 min
  • Image Colour
  • Language Spanish
  • Subtitles English
  • Production company Black Factory Cinema
  • Producer Estephania Bonnett Alonso
  • Screenplay Liliana Dí­az Castillo
  • Photography Pol Orpinell Freixa
  • Editor Matthieu Laclau
  • Music Orphx
  • Sound La Tina
  • Actors Leidy Gómez
  • Contact estephania@blackfactorycinema.com

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Presented by Liliana Díaz Castillo y todo el equipo del film


Wednesday 15, 19.00 h — Hall CCCB