14-20 November 2016

L'Alternativa Professionals

Call for projects for L'Alternativa Professionals

L'Alternativa Professionals » Call for projects for L'Alternativa Professionals

In collaboration with Catalan Films & TV l'Alternativa Professionals is once again launching a call for projects-in-progress that would benefit from personalised advice to help make them going concerns.

We accept projects at the writing, preproduction, production or postproduction stage. Shortlisted projects will be required to provide further information in September 2016.

The selected projects will receive advice from professional experts in individual or group sessions, in accordance with the nature and requirements of the project in question.

This year, l'Alternativa Professionals has teamed up with REC, Tarragona International Film Festival, to enable selected projects at the postproduction stage to go through to the Primer Test section at REC 2016.

The advice sessions will be held at the end of the 7th l'Alternativa Professionals Symposium, at the CCCB on 18 November 2016, as part of the 23rd Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l'Alternativa 2016.

Supported by Catalan Films & TV.

  1. Promote production and distribution opportunities for emerging filmmaking.
  2. Encourage the development of innovative audiovisual projects through professional events.
  3. Expand business opportunities for the independent Catalan audiovisual industry worldwide.
  4. Boost the role of l'Alternativa festival as a leading example of an international platform for forging ties between independent filmmaking professionals.
  1. Projects should be submitted as indicated in the Required Documentation section.
  2. Projects may be submitted in Catalan, Spanish, English or French. However, the selected projects will have to be presented in English, the professional experts’ working language.
  3. No fees need be paid to take part in the event.
  4. The director and/or producer of the selected projects should attend the event in person.
  5. The festival will require the producers of the selected projects to include the following text in the credits of the finished film: "[Title] took part in l'Alternativa Professionals at the Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l'Alternativa."
  1. Projects that strongly reflect artistic risk-taking and originality, irrespective of the size of their budget.
  2. Projects that explore original subject matter in a striking way.
  3. Projects in preproduction.
  4. Projects being written.
  5. Projects in postproduction.
  6. Possibility of sources of funding.
  7. The director and/or producer’s professional career.
  8. Languages spoken by the director and/or producer.
  9. Projects by directors based in Catalonia.
  10. Projects by production companies registered in Catalonia.
  11. Projects being carried out in Catalonia or seeking coproductions with Catalan companies.
  1. Please include a link to any images or send them in a file (maximum 5 Mb).
  1. From 12 June to 1 September 2016.