14-20 November 2016

Como me da la gana II (This Is the Way I Like It 2)

Ignacio Agüero

  • Como me da la gana II (Ignacio Agüero)
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Como me da la gana II is a sequel of sorts to Como me da la gana, a 30-year-old documentary in which Ignacio Agüero visited directors on set to ask them what it meant to be shooting a film under Pinochet's dictatorship. Here he uses the same technique to get filmmakers to sum up exactly what it is about what they do that makes it uniquely cinematographic. It’s a slippery question with no simple answer. Como me da la gana II can also be read as Agüero’s attempt at answering the same question himself.


Ignacio Agüero (Santiago de Chile, 1952) is a filmmaker, writer and producer. He has also played the lead in several films by Raul Ruiz. He studied film at the Universidad Católica de Chile immediately after Pinochet's military coup and started making films shortly afterwards. His extensive and celebrated filmography includes Aquí se construye (1977), Cien niños esperando un tren (1988), El Diario de Agustín (2008) and El otro día (2012).


  • Country Chile
  • Year 2016
  • Format Digital
  • Running time 86 min
  • Image BW/Colour
  • Language Spanish
  • Subtitles English
  • Production company Aguero & Asociado Ltda
  • Producer Amalric de Pontcharra, Tehani Staiger, Viviana Erpe
  • Screenplay Ignacio Agüero
  • Photography Ignacio Agüero, David Bravo, Gabriel Díaz, Arnaldo Rodriguez
  • Editor Sophie França
  • Sound Andrea López. Mario Díaz, Freddy González
  • Contact amaldep@gmail.com


FID Marseille 2016 - Grand Prix Festival Internacional de Valdivia Chile


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