14-20 November 2016

L'Alternativa Activities

Insight: Films and Epics

L'Alternativa Activities - Insight: Films and Epics


Santiago Fillol—filmmaker, teacher and joint screenwriter of Oliver Laxe’s Mimosas—will be talking to Manu Yáñez about tough shoots and diaries that leave scars.

Keeping a personal diary means submitting yourself to the regular rhythm of the days, said Bioy Casares as he jotted down his (and Borges’s) days as they raced along. In cinema it’s the opposite: filmmakers only keep diaries on their exceptional days. On a film shoot there’s barely enough time to catch any sleep and yet most of us insist on recording the day’s developments in the hope that they will one day offer transcendental insights. Why do we keep a shoot diary? What do we look for in it? Or, better still, what does it look for in us? Herzog pushing a boat up a mountain? Coppola conducting helicopters in the jungle? Pedro Costa displaying his solitary craftsmanship? I was assigned the job of writing the shoot diary for Mimosas, my friend Oliver Laxe’s epic adventure. And I was pestered by all these niggling questions, ever threatening to shatter my fragile attempt to hear the rhythm of days we hoped would be unique.


  • Wednesday 16 November, 7 pm
  • Sala Raval CCCB
  • Free admission
  • Places are limited

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This activity ties in with the screening of Mimosas in l’Alternativa Official.