16-22 November 2015

We Come As Friends

Hubert Sauper

Country: France, Austria
Year: 2014
Format: Digital
Length: 110 min
Image: Colour
Language: English, Mandarin, Arabic
Subtitles: Catalan, English

Production company: Adelante Films, KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production GmbH
Producer: Hubert Sauper, Gabriele Kranzelbinder
Screenplay: Hubert Sauper
Photography: Hubert Sauper, Barney Broomfield, Xavier Liébard
Editor: Hubert Sauper, Cathie Dambel, Denise Vindevogel
Music: Slim Twig
Sound: Veronika Hlawatsch

Presented by: Hubert Sauper 19/11


A modern odyssey, a science-fiction-like journey into the heart of Africa. At the moment when Sudan, the continent’s biggest country, is being divided into two nations, an old pathology of colonialism and the clash of empires re-emerges, accompanied by new episodes of bloody (and holy) wars over land and resources. Hubert Sauper takes us on a journey in his tiny, self-made flying machine made out of tin and canvas. He leads us into most improbable locations and into people’s thoughts and dreams. Chinese oil workers, UN peacekeepers, Sudanese warlords and American evangelists weave ironically common threads.