18 - 24 November 2013
Dime quién era Sanchicorrota (Jorge Tur Moltó)

L'Alternativa Parallel


Over the last 20 years l'Alternativa has discovered unique films and filmmakers from throughout Spain and screened them in different sections at the Festival, in particular Panorama, the parallel section dedicated to films made in Spain.

This year we've expanded the Panorama section to include more feature films and shorts from Spanish directors and thus reflect the wide range of independent audiovisual projects being created in Spain today outside of the hard-hit filmmaking industry. We value films that dare to experiment with different forms and subjects, whatever their imperfections, and look for directors with an original cinematic vision and their own ways of working.

This year, tor the first time, one of the filmmakers in the Panorama section will win a residency in the legendary Hôtel Belvédère du Rayon-Vert hotel in Cerbère (France), courtesy of l'Alternativa and Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cerbère-Portbou.

Dime quién era Sanchicorrota (Jorge Tur Moltó)

Selected Films

Dime quién era Sanchicorrota (Tell Me about Sanchicorrota)
Jorge Tur Moltó (Spain)

El invierno de Pablo (Pablo's Winter)
Chico Pereira (Spain / United Kingdom)

La jungla interior (The Inner Jungle)
Juan Barrero (Spain)

Otel·lo (Othello)
Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font (Spain)

Otra noche en la Tierra (Another Night on Earth)
David Muñoz (Spain)

El pas del riu (The River Flows)
Lluís de Sola (Spain)

La tierra quieta (Still Land)
Rubén Margalló (Spain)

A Raia (The Border)
Iván Castiñeiras (Spain / Portugal)

Bajo la almohada (Under the Pillow)
Isabel Herguera (Spain)

La isla de los muertos (Isle of the Dead)
Vuk Jevremovic (Spain / Germany)

Luz en los márgenes (Light in the Margins)
Miguel Ángel Rosales (Spain)

Samuel Martín Delgado (Spain)

Gerardo Carreras (Spain)

El vacío (Emptiness)
Ramon Balcells (Spain)

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