20 - 25 November 2012

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Jeanne Balibar

L'idiot (The Idiot)
Pierre Léon
France, 2009
HD | 61 min | BW | French | VOSC

Production: Pierre Léon
Screenplay: Pierre Léon
Photography: Thomas Favel
Editor: Martial Salomon
Music: Benjamin Esdraffo
Sound: Rosalie Revoyre
Actors: Jeanne Balibar, Laurent Lacotte, Sylbie Testud, Bernard Eisenschitz

Jeanne Balibar


Nastassia Philippovna has four men in her life: her protector, who wants to get rid of her to enter a marriage of convenience; her fiancé, to whom she is engaged to another in return for a juicy dowry; her rich, shady, sinister suitor; and the idiot, who loves her madly and has decided to save her. One evening the four coincide.