20 - 25 November 2012
J.M. Mondésir

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Short Films

J.M. Mondésir
Alice Colomer-Kang
France, 2012
HD | 24 min | Colour | French | VOSC, VOSI

Production: Le Fresnoy
Screenplay: Alice Colomer-Kang
Photography: Baptiste Brousse
Editor: Alice Colomer-Kang
Music: Brain Juice Production
Sound: Alexis Jung

Contact: [email protected] +33 320283864

Short Films


A housing project that seems more like an amphitheatre bears witness to a sacrifice. Revealing a plurality of viewpoints, the film explores Georges Mondésir's death after an encounter with the police.


Alice Colomer (Paris, 1985) graduated from the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris, and currently studies at Le Fresnoy.