20 - 25 November 2012
Galim susitikti, galim nesusitikti

Hall Screen

L'Alternativa proposes

Galim susitikti, galim nesusitikti (We may meet, we may not)
Skirmanta Jakaite
Lithuania, 2011
HD | 8 min | Colour | No dialogue

Production: Skirmanta Jakaite
Screenplay: Skirmanta Jakaite
Animation: Skirmanta Jakaite
Editor: Skirmanta Jakaite
Music: Andrius Kauklys, Marius Narbutis
Sound: Andrius Kauklys, Marius Narbutis

L'Alternativa proposes


A story of miscommunication between mother and daughter, where the fear to face up to reality has tragic consequences.