11 - 19 November 2011

Parallel Activities

Storytellers roundtable

L'Alternativa brings together Patricio Guzmán, José María Orbe and Paula Ortiz for the Storytellers roundtable to talk about how they think, write and tell today's stories.

L'Alternativa has organised this roundtable in conjunction with the Master's in Writing for Film and TV at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) to mark its twentieth anniversary. Patricio Guzmán was one of the first lecturers on the course and Paula Ortiz is a young graduate from the course who is now presenting her first feature film. Acclaimed filmmaker José María Orbe completes this roundtable of three generations of independent filmmakers.

This event links to the sections: Storyteller. Patricio Guzmán, which is screening three of his films, and Panorama, which is screening two films by José Mária de Orbe.

"Searching for and finding an idea is often the starting point for a documentary film. The original idea sparks the whole process. We recognise an idea as such when it leads us towards a form of narrative or develops into a story. If the original idea lacks this spark, it means nothing to us." Patricio Guzmán

In collaboration with the International Master's in Writing for Television and Film (UAB), Casa Amèrica Catalunya and CI&VI.



Patricio Guzmán, film director
José María de Orbe, film director
Paula Ortiz, film director

Coordinator and moderator

Lorenzo Vilches, director of the International Master's in Writing for Television and Film (UAB)


Date: 17 November
Time: 7.30 pm
Place: Sala Mirador, CCCB
Free admission. Limited places