11 - 19 November 2011

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Visions from the South:
Argentinean Documentary

Pulqui, un instante en la patria de la felicidad (Pulqui, a Moment in the Native Land of Happiness)
Alejandro Fernández Mouján
Argentina, 2007
Digibeta SP PAL/NTSC | 85min. | Colour

Production: Cine Ojo / Marcelo Céspedes
Screenplay: Alejandro Fernández Mouján
Photography: Alejandro Fernández Mouján
Editor: Alejandro Fernández Mouján
Sound: Jésica Suárez
Actors: Daniel Santoro, Miguel Biancuzzo



El Pulqui was the first jet plane designed and built completely in Argentina during Perón’s government (1951). Perón was overthrown in a military coup in 1955 and the project died along with the hope of a different country. In 2005 painter Daniel Santoro set out to build an aluminium Pulqui plane half the size of the original that would take to the skies.


Mejor Película Argentina - FIPRESCI Argentina 2007
Special Mention from the Audience - Visions du Réell 2007
Mejor Director Largometraje Documental - Tandil 2007
Mención Especial del jurado - Punta del Este 2008