11 - 19 November 2011

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Mercado de futuros (Futures Market)
Mercedes Álvarez
Spain, 2010
35mm | 113min. | Colour | Spanish, English, Catalan | VOSE

Production: Xosé Zapata / IB Cinema, Eva Serrats / Leve Productora
Screenplay: Mercedes Álvarez, Arturo Redin
Photography: Alberto Rodriguez
Editor: Pablo Gil
Sound: Amanda Villavieja

Contact: eva.serrats@levenet.com




A house emptied of all its memories, stockbrokers at work, a business-leadership conference, an old rag-and-bone man who refuses to sell his wares, the whole city as a virtual space for a real-estate trade fair. The camera explores these spaces and characters as it tries to sketch out some features of this new look to the world. And an underlying question: will we need memory in the future?


Mercedes Álvarez won unanimous critical acclaim for her first feature film, El cielo gira (2005), along with a string of awards at international festivals, including the Rotterdam Film Festival (Tiger Award), Cinéma du Réel in Paris (Grand Prix), Infinity Festival in Alba, Italy, and BAFICI (Audience Award, Best Film and FIPRESCI).


Prix Regard Neuf - Visions du Réel 2011
Mención Especial - BAFICI 2011