11 - 19 November 2011

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El premio (The Prize)
Paula Markovitch
Mexico / France / Poland / Germany, 2010
Blu-Ray | 115min. | Colour | Spanish | VOSI

Production: Mille et Une, Staron Films, Warszawa Foprocine-Imcine, Niko Film
Screenplay: Paula Markovitch
Photography: Wojciech Staron
Editor: Lorena Moriconi
Music: Sergio Gurrola
Sound: Isabel Muñoz, Alexis Stavropulos
Actors: Paula Galinelli Hertzog, Sharon Herrera, Laura Agorreca, Viviana Suranit

Contact: [email protected] +33 148704655




“I’m seven. I live on a beach with cold winters. My mother told me not to repeat what I hear at home at school. She says my family’s life depends on my silence. What should I say? What should I keep quiet? In a cruel age of uncertain days, how should we be?”


Paula Markovitch (Buenos Aires, 1968) lives and works in Mexico. She has taught screenwriting at the CCC (MX) and worked as an adviser to the Fundación Toscano-Sundance Lab. She has written and collaborated on the screenplays of a number of films including Temporada de patos and Lake Tahoe, both directed by Fernando Eimbcke. El premio is her first feature film. 


Silver Bear Outstanding Artistic Achievement - Berlinale 2011
Mejor Película, Mejor Actriz - Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara 2011
Mejor Película - Festival de Cine de Lima 2011