11 - 19 November 2011

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How Life Tastes
Soyoung Hyun
United Kingdom, 2011
Digibeta PAL/NTSC | 7min. | Colour | English | VOSC

Production: Royal College of Art
Screenplay: Soyoung Hyun
Animation: Soyoung Hyun, Jing Li, Ying Ping Mak
Editor: Soyoung Hyun
Sound: Tudor Petre
Actors: Yuna Shin

Contact: jane.colling@rca.ac.uk +44 2075904512



A film about personal doubt, paralleled with events surrounding a Korean space launch of a satelite which is lost in orbit.


Soyoung Hyun (Korea, 1984) studied hyper media design at Hansung University in Korea and recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with an MA in animation.


Seoul International Animation Festival 2011