11 - 19 November 2011

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Short Films

Hleb dlia ptici (Bread For Bird)
Aleksandra Strelyanaya
Russia, 2010
BetaSP PAL/NTSC | 26min. | BW/Colour | Russian | VOSI, VOSC

Production: Alexey Telnov
Screenplay: Aleksandra Strelyanaya
Photography: Aleksandr Demyanenko
Music: Aleksandr Laneev
Sound: Aleksandr Laneev

Contact: krukovkanal12@gmail.com +78 127147765



Scenes from a life, recorded in a deserted village in autumn.


Aleksandra Strelyanaya (Saint Petersburg, 1978) graduated in photography and filmmaking from the Saint Petersburg University of Film and Television. 


Special Prize - Message to Man Film Festival 2010
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011