Fiction Feature

Verano de Goliat (Summer of Goliath)
Nicolás Pereda
Mexico / Canada / Netherlands, 2010
35mm | 76min. | Colour | VOSI

Nicolás Pereda
Figa Films ([email protected])

Nicolás Pereda
Alejandro Coronado
Nicolás Pereda
Alejandro de Icaza
Teresa Sánchez, Gabino Rodríguez

Shocked by her husband’s sudden departure, Teresa embarks on a mission to find out what happened. Instead of finding answers, her pursuit becomes a journey through the streets and homes of the people she meets in Huilotepec in rural Mexico. Blending fiction and documentary, a portrait emerges of a town and its inhabitants suffering the effects of lost loved ones, broken promises, disconnection and eternal longing.

Bio / Filmo

Nicolas Pereda (Mexico City, 1982) took a Master's degree in fine arts at York University in Toronto. His first feature film, ¿Dónde están sus historias? (2007), was screened at l'Alternativa 2007. His short Entrevista con la tierra (2008) and feature film Perpetuum Mobile (2009) were screened in competition at the festival last year. He likes working with Gabino, Luisa, Paco and Teresa, the actors and characters of most of his films. Verano de Goliat is his fifth feature film.


Orrizonti Award - 67 Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica 2010
Toronto International Film Festival 2010
Mejor Película - Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia 2010
Viennale 2010