Basilio Martín Patino: Freedom and Independence

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A la sombra de la Alhambra (In the Shadow of the Alhambra)
Basilio Martín Patino
Spain, 2006
DVD | 17min. | Colour
Production: La Linterna Mágica, Centro de Arte José Guerrero

Editor: Pedro Alvera
Screenplay: Basilio Martín Patino
Actors: Inés Sánchez Bascuñana
Thirty-four years after Basilio Martín Patino's Queridísimos verdugos, Inés, daughter of Bernardo Sánchez, the Granada executioner who died in 1972, tells the story of how she got to know her father through the film and describes the impact this had on her life. A la sombra de la Alhambra reveals the incredible therapeutic power of film and her father's symbolic presence through it. Inés confronts her family's past and puts behind her the dark, conflictive memory of Franco's Spain that overshadowed her childhood.