Basilio Martín Patino: Freedom and Independence

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Ojos verdes (Green Eyes)
Basilio Martín Patino
Spain, 1996
DVcam (PAL) | 92min. | Colour
Production: La Linterna Mágica para TVE

Photography: Antonio Pueche
Editor: Elbia Álvarez
Screenplay: Basilio Martín Patino
Actors: Amós Rodríguez Rey, Raquel Rodrigo, Carlos Álvarez Novoa, María Galiana, Gloria de Jesús, Antonio Blázquez, Iimperio Argentina
The story of the copla, a musical genre that has received contradictory cultural assessments, is examined through the figure of Rafael de Maura, Marquis of Almodóvar, who, madly in love with a singer, spent his life gathering documents and knickknacks to set up a museum. However, two people fight for his legacy: Julia Expósito, his housekeeper, who still lives in the castle, and Rojilla, the small-time singer who comforted him in his later years and in whose bar he died, destitute, of cirrhosis.