Gabbla (Inland)
Tariq Teguia
Algeria / France, 2008
35mm | 138min. | Colour | VOSE/VOSI

Production: Tariq Teguia, Yacine Teguia, Philippe Carcassonne, Le Fresnoy
Distribution: Annabel Thomas (annabelthomas@yahoo.fr)

Screenplay: Tariq Teguia, Yacine Teguia
Photography: Nacer Medjkane
Editor: Rodolphe Molla, Andrée Davanture
Music: Ina Djakou, Terry Riley, Christian Fennesz, Cheikha Djenia, Fela Kuti, Sonic Youth, Bismillah Khan
Sound: Rémy Crouzet
Actors: Abdelkader Affak, Ines Rose Djakou, Ahmed Benaissa, Fethi Ghares
Inland reflects the contradictory political situation of present-day Algeria through Malek, a reclusive topographer who accepts a commission to survey a remote part of western Algeria. The film links two important causes of alienation: the influence of terror on local populations and the migration of men and women with no prospects. With a minimalist approach to plot and dialogue, and mesmerising cinematography, these present-day realities are interspersed with flashbacks of idealistic political debate, set against a soundtrack that mixes alternative rock, Nigerian Afrobeat and Algerian Rai.
Tariq Teguia (Algeria, 1966) studied philosophy and visual arts in Paris, where he worked as a freelance photographer. Returning to Algeria he taught art history at the École Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Algiers. Inland is his second feature after Rome Rather than You (2006).

FIPRESCI Award - 65th Venice Film Festival
Jury Prize - Jeonju International Film Festival, 2009
International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2009