She Unfolds by Day
Rolf Belgum
United States, 2008
DVcam (PAL) | 71min. | Colour | VOSE

Production: Rolf Belgum (rolfbelgum@gmail.com)

Screenplay: Rolf Belgum
Photography: Rolf Belgum
Editor: Rolf Belgum, Jeff Ferguson
Music: Rolf Belgum
Sound: Rolf Belgum
Actors: Merrilyn Belgum, Christopher Wells; Julia Belgum, Rolf Belgum, Jacques (el fox terrier)
She Unfolds by Day explores the afternoon in which a frustrated middle-aged son tries to manage his misanthropic 80-year-old mother. Along with his dog, they cope with signs of Alzheimer's and her wanderings, which draw her to a nearby woods where the forms and rhythms of ecosystems shape their story. A series of disjointed bucles melds fiction, documentary and nature elements into a strange mixture of heightened reality and unconscious imagery. What began as documentary ends as fiction; what began as fiction becomes a study of nature.
Rolf Belgum (Minneapolis, 1965) received a MFA at the University of California in San Diego where he studied filmmaking with Jean-Pierre Gorin and Babette Mangolte. His documentary Driver 23 (1998) was selected for the 2000 Whitney Biennial and is the lowest budget feature documentary ($750) ever purchased by a major TV network. She Unfolds By Day is his first fiction film.

Grand Jury Prize - CineVegas Film Festival, 2008
Vancouver International Film Festival, 2008
BAFICI, 2009
Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia, 2009