Aram Bash va ta haft beshmar (Be Calm and Count to Seven)
Ramtin Lavafipour
Iran, 2008
Betacam SP (PAL) | 89min. | Colour | VOSC/VOSI

Production: Ramtin Lavafipour (ramtinl@yahoo.com)

Screenplay: Ramtin Lavafipour
Photography: Reza Teymouri
Editor: Ramtin Lavafipour
Music: Daroush Namdar Zangeneh
Sound: Taher Pishvaee
Actors: Hedayat Hashemi, Omid Abdollahi, Mahnaz Talandeh

"Maybe this film is about the smuggling of goods or humans. Maybe it's about boats that travel at high speed through the stormy sea fleeing the patrols even though the sea is a dangerous enemy in itself. Maybe it's about a kid who becomes a man overnight against his will. Maybe it's about a girl who never speaks. Maybe it's not about any of them, but pictures the moments when these people are bound together. And only this." (Ramtin Lavafipour)

Shot in a pure realist style on an island in southern Iran, this film is a portrait of a society edging towards today's fast-moving consumer society.

Ramtin Lavafipour (Abadan, Iran, 1973) studied filmmaking at the IRIB University in Tehran. He has made several documentary and short films, including Road (2002), One, Two, Three, Four (2003), Hederse (2003) and Wind in the Silence of Dust (2005). Aram Bash va ta haft beshmar is his debut feature film and won the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival this year. 

Best Cinematography Award - Dubai International Film Festival, 2008
Tiger Award - Rotterdam Film Festival, 2009
BAFICI, 2009
Seattle Film Festival, 2009