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Bucureşti-Wien: 8.15
Bucureşti-Wien: 8.15 (Bucureşti-Wien: 8.15)
Cătălin Mitulescu
Romania, 2000
DVD | 13min. | Black and White | VOSC
Production: UNACT - Universidad nacional de arte teatral y cinematografia "I.L. CARAGIALE" ([email protected])

Screenplay: Andreea Valean, Catalin Mitulescu
Photography: Marius Panduru, Gabriel Scoarta
Editor: Bogdan Gheorghe
Sound: Bogdan Gheorghe
Actors: Cosmin Selesi, Andi Vasluianu, Catalin Stanciu, Tony Zaharia, Maria Dinulescu, Alexandru Gheorghiu, Leonid Doni, Diana Munteanu, Dan Ghita, Viorica Voda
5 am. Niki collects everything of value at home. His wife and son are still asleep. He's off with his childhood friend Cretu to Germany after getting a passport to work there illegally. Together they're after a better life, but the journey turns out to be more difficult than they thought.