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Singur(ă) pe lume (Alone in the World )
Tudor Giurgiu
Romania, 1995
DVD | 14min. | Colour | VOSC
Production: UNACT - Universidad nacional de arte teatral y cinematografia "I.L. CARAGIALE" ([email protected])

Screenplay: Bogdan Dumitrescu, Tudor Giurgiu
Photography: Alexandru Sterian
Editor: Melania Oproiu
Actors: Andrei Lungu, Iulia Gheorghisor, Cristian Cretu, Theo Muresan, Mihaela Sirbu, Bogdan Talasman

An absurd Romanian short film about Artim and Artima.

Artim's parents have been trying for years to have a baby girl. When they don't succeed, they decide to dress Artim up as a girl from time to time.