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Travemünde Trelleborg
Sanna Lenken
Sweden, 2008
DVD | 30min. | Colour | VOSC
Production: Annika Rogell ([email protected])

Screenplay: Per Gavatin
Photography: Erik Persson
Editor: Marinella Angusti
Music: Mikael Lundh, Le Sport, José Gonzales, Catrina Schlage
Sound: Mikael Lundh, Mari Saastamoinen
Actors: Joel Spira, Johanna Granström, Nina Petri, Agneta Ahlin, Ingmar Virta, Rasmus Luthander, Lena Nylén
Dramatiska Institutet
Dramatiska Institutet is a higher-education institute that embraces many forms of artistic expression: film, theatre, television, radio and new media. The institute also deals with different artistic strategies and specialisations in several fields.