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Yo, Natalia
Guillermina Pico Picca
Argentina, 2009
DVD | 30min. | Colour
Production: Mariano García (MG), Agustin Arzamendia, Guillermina Pico, Escuela La Metro ([email protected], [email protected])

Screenplay: Guillermina Pico Picca
Photography: Diego Arroyo
Animation: Mariano García
Editor: Guillermina Pico, Balt
Music: Andres Mutantres
Sound: Agustín Arzamendia
Actors: Natalia Kohen
La Metro Escuela de Diseño y Comunicación Audiovisual
La Metro in Córdoba (Argentina) has designed a course to open the doors for young people who want to enter a world where the language of image and sound is expanding to fill the void.