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12è Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona

l'alternativa 2005Celluloid intuition

Light the fire and I'll show you something,
Something invisible if you don't wish to see it,
Something which cannot be heard if you don't wish to listen to its breath. *

There are films you know exist even if you haven't seen them. Films which must exist because you know they need to exist. Films you long for and which you sense in secret. (...) Sometimes you enter an unfamiliar cinema (the CCCB auditorium, say) and the name of the film or director is irrelevant - it's not the time to be thinking about that. (...) So you go in and watch. And you realise that there are people out there all over the world making all kinds of films.

Out of need or love or hate. People searching for that means of expression that is not afraid to venture into little-explored areas and which rewards us with a few minutes of images and sounds.

And some of these films stay inside you – often for a long time – telling you things, suggesting other ways of looking at the world, pointing out new paths through sensations. When that happens, it's a marvellous and mysterious thing. It doesn't always happen, mind you, but the atmosphere and freedom here, in these sections at this festival, encourage precisely that. And, these days, that's definitely something worth celebrating.

— Mauricio Alvarez —

* Japanese haiku quoted by Abbas Kiarostami at the end of Ten on Ten

Meerkats* animation at the festival...


newsL'Alternativa takes a trip to Madrid

From January to March 2006, 20 films from the 2005 edition of L'Alternativa will screen at the Madrid-based independent cinema La Enana Marrón.


newsL'Alternativa participates in the Wounds and Vision section of Up and Coming Film Festival

WOUNDS & VISIONS OF A MEGALOPOLIS is an accompanying program of the German Festival where curators from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur and Montréal will present film programs compiled exclusively for this event.


newsL'Alternativa in Zaragoza

A selection of films from the International Films Schools Section and L'Alternativa Takes a Trip 5 will screen at the Festival de Jóvenes Realizadores de Zaragoza.




newsL'Alternativa continues....

For the second consecutive year L'Alternativa presents shorts and animation films from the last edition of L'Alternativa in the Film Clubs of Vic and Manresa (Spain).





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