En colaboración con la Filmoteca, l’Alternativa dedicará un monográfico al cineasta Hubert Sauper. Se proyectará Darwin’s Nightmare, We Come As Friends, y sus primeros mediometrajes. Además Sauper impartirá una masterclass de 3 horas el viernes 20 Nov. 2015 en el CCCB.

“The 10 year gap between Darwin’s Nightmare and We Come As Friends is extreme because, first of all it’s a way of life and it’s a long haul – the thinking process and money and financing … But this gap was extreme because I had to get rid of many very threatening forces against me after Darwin’s Nightmare. I couldn’t really believe what was happening to my life. The film became very successful after it won a bunch of awards and got nominated for an Oscar and all that. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I suddenly I got this exposure so all these wrong people saw my film. These are powerful people- gun runners in Africa and so on. They decide to go after not only me but also people in the film. They were persecuted and imprisoned and had death threats and lawsuits from very dubious groups of people who had a lot of money. So my life was literally upside down – I had to get people out of the county.” (Hubert Sauper @ Twitch Film)

“I think what you really search for, as an artist, is to produce a piece of art or film that makes you experience life. It’s life experience—two hours of pure life. And in life you see a lot of things that don’t have subtitles, and don’t have explanations. You just see them and you don’t see the context, and the whole parcel of it makes you grow up and not be a child anymore, gives you a whole picture of the world. If it does that kind of thing in a concentrated way, in a movie, then I think that is what I’m looking for.” (Hubert Sauper @ Film Comment)

“First of all, I am European and not many Europeans go to Africa unless they bring the word of God and want to rape the country and steal the land – this is the unilateral kind of relationship of the last hundreds of years. My latest film is about that: how do you decide to destroy, dominate and possess other lands and cultures. The psychology of it is the theme of We Come as Friends – and this is the most profound lie in our civilisation.” (Hubert Sauper @ Senses of Cinema)

“I am a bit anarchist-like getting to places, and a joker, striking up relationships with people and getting close to situations. In We Come as Friends the key questions were: “How to get to Chinese oilfield? How to get to the Libyan airbase?” There is no way to get there, unless you fall from the sky. So I had to build this airplane to get there. But, of course, apart from being a mode of transportation, it is like a Trojan Horse, like a bluff.” (Hubert Sauper @ Senses of Cinema)

Darwin’s Nightmare and We Come as Friends are very conceptual films. People may think it is just this guy who travels with the camera and just switches it on when things happen. But alot of what is shown is premeditated – in the sense that I know from many years of experience that if I find myself in a radio studio with a corrupt politician, he is going to say something that is going to be great for the film.” (Hubert Sauper @ Senses of Cinema)

Hubert Sauper clase magistral El arte de dominar la realización de documentales.
Viernes 20 Nov. 2015 / 16-19h

Sala Raval, CCCB (Montalegre, 5)
20€ Inscripción previa
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Sergio Oksman, cineasta de origen Brasileño, afincado en Madrid desde hace años, ya es un nombre familiar para el público de l’Alternativa. En 2012, vino a presentar su corto A Story for the Modlins y acabo ganando el Premio al Mejor Cortometraje.

Ahora presentará, como estreno en Barcelona, su largometraje O futebol, en la sección oficial de l’Alternativa. Tras su estreno mundial en el ultimo festival de film de Locarno, donde fue el único film español seleccionado en la competición internacional, las críticas eran entusiastas:

“Es documental, es ficción, es ensayo sociológico, es diario íntimo, pero -sobre todo- es una pequeña gran película. (…) Sencilla y rigurosa en su puesta en escena, ‘O futebol’ es un film entrañable, noble, bello.” (Otros cines)

“Una película tan profundamente emotiva como tierna; tan delirantemente divertida como sangrante. Por dura. Sin duda, uno de los más rigurosos ejercicios de cine de eso que también, digan lo que digan, es el cine español.” (El mundo)

Aquí una pequeña entrevista (en inglés) con Sergio Oksman a raíz de la proyección de O futebol en el 31 Warsaw Film Festival la semana pasada.

Sergio Oksman presentará O futebol en persona en L’Alternativa 2015.

L’Alternativa 2015
16-22 Nov. 2015
CCCB, Filmoteca de Catalunya,
IFB, Crater-Lab, Zumzeig Cinema
Barcelona. ES




L’Alternativa vuelve a ser invitado como programador de Les Rencontres Cintematographiques du Rayon Vert. Del 1- 4 octubre 2015, se podrá disfrutar de 4 días de proyecciones, debates, exhibiciones y homenajes, entre Cerbère y Port Bou. Invitados este año incluyen Dani Karavan y Wim Wenders, participando en actividades en turno a la figura de Walter Benjamin, con motivo del 75 aniversario de su muerte en Portbou, en colaboración con la asociación Passatges.

Acompañando la proyección de Slimane (José Alayon), film propuesto por l’Alternativa, la diversa programación de cine incluye propuestas de FID Marseille, Cinéma du Réel, Punto de Vista, Ludmila Melnikova, Patrick Viret y Tamara Stepanyan.

“De ma première rencontre avec le Belvédère sont nées, il y a onze ans, les Rencontres cinématographiques de Cerbère-Portbou. Il fut facile de vérifier à quel point le lieu stimulait les cinéastes. Parmi les lauréats résidents (entre autres de l’Alternativa Lluís de Sola et Yrsa Roca Fannberg), tous ont filmé l’hôtel du Belvédère du Rayon-Vert. C’est comme si le lieu, avec son architecture et sa dimension de paquebot, pouvait se prêter à toutes les fictions sans que jamais on ne risque d’en tarir la source inspirante et que même, il suffirait de le filmer tel quel, pour être au bord du cinéma.” (Patrick Viret, directeur artistique des Rencontres)

Les Rencontres Cinématographiques du Rayon Vert
Cerbère (FR) & Port Bou (ES)
1 – 4 Octubre 2015

Como avance de programación de la 22ª edición de L’Alternativa, anunciamos la semana pasada la retrospectiva que dedicaremos al cineasta Hubert Sauper. La retrospectiva contará con sus primeros cortos y mediometrajes, así como su largometraje Darwin’s Nightmare (2004), uno de los films más polémicos de la década, y su última película, We Come as Friends (2014), que la semana pasado se estrenó en Francia, pero que en España se ha proyectada en contadas ocasiones.

La prensa francesa se pronuncia sobre el estreno…

« Sauper parvient à une telle ampleur dans son évocation que sa fresque prend la beauté terrible de certaines chapelles expiatoires. » LE MONDE

« Le film ne s’autorise aucun raccourci et patiemment fait entendre ceux qu’on n’entend jamais, les Soudanais eux-mêmes » SUD OUEST

« Le travail visuel surprenant et parfois déroutant de Sauper fait le prix de son périple illustré » L’HUMANITE

« L’état des lieux de Sauper est édifiant » PARISCOPE

« Les séquences et les témoignages se heurtent, éclats tranchants d’un discours résolument militant et spectaculaire » TELERAMA

« Toute la magie du cinema de Sauper se trouve dans ces raccourcis visuels aussi déroutants qu’éloquents » LES INROCKS

Hubert Sauper visitará l’Alternativa 2015 y ofrecerá una clase magistral en la que hablará de su trabajo.
Màs info e inscripciones pròximamente.

L’Alternativa, 22 Festival Cine Independiente de Barcelona
16 – 22 Nov. 2015

In May 2015, Yrsa Roca Fannberg took a train to Cerbère and started her week long residency at the Bélvèdere du Rayon Vert. The residency, an initiative of L’Alternativa and Les Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cerbère, is a prize given to a filmmaker in the Panorama Section of L’Alternativa. Yrsa Roca Fannberg was awarded the prize at the last edition of L’Alternativa for her film Salóme.

What follows is a short text and an extract of the photographic exhibition she is preparing of her experience there.

“I had the great pleasure of being able to stay at the Bélvèdere du Rayon Vert in Cerbère. A whole week when one is allowed to exist. Not only is it a privilege to stay at the hotel, which is such a fascinating place, but also one has the freedom to create or simply recharge batteries.

Cerbère is an interesting town, especially as I arrived outside of the tourist season, it’s quiet but it also has a sense of a place that is a ghost from the past. The railway track is impressive, as is the station. When one is from a place that has no borders, like an island, it is a special feeling to walk across a border, but it also reminds one of those who had to walk across a border as the only means to survive, in order to escape from something.

Life has its own pace there, through the mountains or by the sea, often almost both things at the same time. Apart from the photographic work that I did , I was able to sit in the hills, looking across the bay to two countries, almost simultaneously, while I crocheted my kitchen curtains. The memories of my time will be preserved within me to the grave.” (YRF)

I dreamt, a few weeks before leaving Iceland, that I had been in Cerbère, on a summer long holiday.
I decided not to read or look anything up before my arrival and to retrace those places in my dream.
Here are some images from my dream and my “re-encounter” with Cérbere.

All the photographs were taken on an analogue camera and where developed by Yrsa Roca Fannberg.
Some of the photographs were taken on film that expired well over 30 years ago.


Yrsa Roca Fannberg
L’Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona
Les Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cerbère

Tras la presentación de Hotel Nueva Isla en el marco de la ultima edición de L’Alternativa en noviembre, el largometraje de Irene Gutiérrez se proyecta en Zumzeig, Barcelona. La co-producción hispana / cubana es un retrato del último habitante de un lujoso hotel en ruinas en La Habana, quien, pese al riesgo de derrumbe, se resiste a abandonar el edificio.

Estéticamente impecable y con una trayectoria de éxito en festivales Hotel Nueva Isla es una pequeña maravilla que merece no pasar desapercibida.

Hotel Nueva Isla con la presencia de Irene Gutiérrez
Viernes 29 / Sábado 30 mayo 2015
C/ Bejar 53, BCN