Western Spaghetti by PES is one of the 43 short films in competition at l’Alternativa. The section includes 6 programmes composed of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films from around the world. Most of the films will be shown for the first time in Barcelona and were selected from the 1297 short films we received.

The programme includes first films (Sam’s Hot Dog, Con el viento), as well as new work by returning filmmakers (Jay Rosenblatt, Vuk Jevremovic, Elías León Siminiani, Ana Husman, Florence Maialhe, Nicolás Pereda, Mashaallah Mohammadi, Signe Baumane, Marian Crisan). There are also a number of award-winning shorts in the selection, including Elefantenhaut which won a jury prize at Oberhausen; Ghost, best film at Tampere; Le feu, le sang, les étoiles, short fiction prize at Zinebi; Lost World, short film award at Hamburg; Megatron, the Palme d’or at Cannes; Cold Grove, Hungarian short film award; Jade, the silver bear at the Berlinale; Photograph of Jesus, best animated film at Tampere, and Western Spaghetti at Sundance. The 6 short film programmes at l’Alternativa screen from Saturday 14th to Thursday 19th November 2009.

Diletante is Kris Niklison’s debut film, and she has created a singular portrait of eighty-year-old Bela Jordán, who is the kind of woman who makes you look forward to reaching that ripe age. She’s agile, lucid and has plenty of stories and opinions to share… (“If you can have fun by yourself you will have fun your whole life”). Bela also happens to be the filmmaker’s mother and the result is both an intimate and rigorous film. Diletante won Best Argentinean film award at Mar de Plata and screens at l’Alternativa on Thursday 19th November.

Les damnés de la mer is Jawad Rhalib latest documentary and was shot in Dahkla and in Essaouira in Morocco last year. While trawlers from foreign countries drag the waters with their nets, killing an entire ecosystem, on land, desperate local fishermen who’ve been robbed of their livelihood face the prospect of their own disappearance. The film won the audience award at Visions de Réel this year and Jawad Rhalib will be at l’Alternativa to present the film on Saturday 14th November 2009 in the documentary section.

el somni In our second collaboration with the Institut Jean Vigo, Christophe Farnarier’s film El somni (The Dream) screens at the cinema Marcel Oms. The film documents the shepherd Joan Pipa’s last journey through the Catalan Pyrenees.  Is the disappearance of nomadic shepherds a sign of progress, or are we witnessing the death of our civilization?

3rd November 2009
Arsenal – 1 rue Jean Vielledent
66000 Perpignan

She Unfolds By Day is Rolf Belgum’s very unusual tribute to his mother, a former stand-up comedian now suffering from alzheimer’s. She plays herself in this wonderful film, which, in a series of disjointed loops, melds fiction, documentary and nature elements into a strange mixture of heightened reality and unconscious imagery. Belgum spent four years weaving visuals of tiny creatures from his backyard, animated motions of his dog and sublime expressions of wolf life with the antics of his forgetful 80-year-old mother. Screening in competition at l’Alternativa on Wednesday 18th November 2009.

“Trabajando en mi anterior documental, Trópico de Cáncer (2004), estuve en el desierto de San Luis Potosí con familias pobres que sobreviven sacando animales muertos del desierto y vendiendo las pieles de la fauna del lugar como serpientes y ratas. Al convivir con estas familias me di cuenta de lo importante que son los niños, pues siempre colaboran en algo. De ahí surgió mi inquietud de construir una pieza en la que se viera cómo los más pequeños son el motor generador que hace que las familias más pobres sigan adelante gracias a sus ganas de sobrevivir” comenta el director, Eugenio Polgovsky, desde Venecia.

Compartimos el trailer con vosotros. Los Herederos, 2008