Les damnés de la mer is Jawad Rhalib latest documentary and was shot in Dahkla and in Essaouira in Morocco last year. While trawlers from foreign countries drag the waters with their nets, killing an entire ecosystem, on land, desperate local fishermen who’ve been robbed of their livelihood face the prospect of their own disappearance. The film won the audience award at Visions de Réel this year and Jawad Rhalib will be at l’Alternativa to present the film on Saturday 14th November 2009 in the documentary section.

Límites1ª persona

“¿Dónde hay amor, hay cine?”

Ella ama, él filma. Él ama también, claro, con la cámara, dice. Curioso trío: la mujer, el cineasta y su amante, su cómplice, la cámara. Ella siente, él se preocupa de que este sentimiento impregne la imagen. Aguarda, a la distancia, el marco ideal para su amor. El desierto es tan bello, y ella. Su belleza en el desierto. Su amor en el desierto. No ve que ella no pretende ser ninguna musa, a pesar de prestarse al juego, vencida por su fijación o esperanzada por encontrar así la manera de traerle de vuelta a su mundo a ella, al mundo “real”, donde los momentos y sentimientos no se viven a través de una cámara, se viven y punto. Él no se da cuenta. Ahí, en el desierto, ella se siente sola. Él, cree filmar el amor, pero filma la distancia, la soledad. La soledad de ella y la suya propia, escondida detrás del límite de la cámara. Eso es: Límites, 1ª persona.

“In the beginning is this persistent vision that refuses to be forgotten. December 1998, an African desert. The sound of an engine in the dark, approaching headlights, an indistinct mass of human shapes crowded onto the back of a pick-up that emerge from the night and then disappear back into it again. This image, normally so fleeting, has become an obsession. I went back to the site of this apparition to make this film. I had to find the people I’d lost in the ones I’d find, with me going backwards as they moved forwards. For five days, the time it takes for a citizen to become an undocumented immigrant, they confront surroundings that are first and foremost an adversary, not a landscape (…)” (Olivier Dury). Mirages screens at l’Alternativa on Saturday 14th November 2009.

Gabbla / Inland by Tariq Teguia will receive its Spanish premiere in the feature film competition at l’Alternativa. The film was awarded the FIPESCI prize at the Venice film Festival, and then screened successfully at Rotterdam, Juanju, Seattle and Guadalajara film festivals, before being released in France to rave reviews. Inland reflects the contradictory political situation of present-day Algeria through Malek, a reclusive topographer who accepts a commission to survey a remote part of western Algeria. With a minimalist approach to plot and dialogue, and mesmerising cinematography, these present-day realities are interspersed with flashbacks of idealistic political debate, set against a soundtrack that mixes alternative rock, Nigerian Afrobeat and Algerian Rai. Screening Saturday 14th November 2009.