lapsusL’Alternativa proyecta un programa especial en el marco del EMAF (European Media Arts Festival) en Osnabrück. La proyección forma parte del proyecto Cine Trans Europa, una red de intercambio de programación entre 5 festivales europeos. El programa de l’Alternativa incluye: 
My Dear Grandma (Marta Abad Blay), Nous (Olivier Hems)
, Den Fremden lange anstarren (Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Köperl), 
Dager av kjærlighet (Eric Magnusson), Dialogos (Ülo Pikkov)
, Lapsus (Juan Pablo Zaramella)
 y Rif (Eric Steegstra)


21-25 Abril 2010
European Media Arts Festival


Yes! It’s open, abierto, obert

Competition for feature films (fiction / documentary) and shorts Cash prizes No entry fee  Entry deadline 1st July 2010 Online registration

Competición de largos de ficción, largos documental y cortmetrajes Fecha límite de admisión 1 de julio 2010 Premios en metálico Inscripción online

Competició de llargs de ficció, llargs documentals i curtmetratges 
Data límit 1 de juliol de 2010 Premis en metàlic Inscripció online

L’Alternativa Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona
12-20 nov. 2010

AAVEL’Alternativa will present a programme of short films at AAVE (Alternativa Audiovisual Event) at Malmitalo Cultural Centre in Helsinki. The event, organised by Kino Kaiku,  will screen rarely seen films from Italy, Spain, South America and Japan, as well as Finnish live cinema performances.

15th – 18th April 2010

Ala-Malmin tori 1
00700 Helsinki, Finland
Free entry

kinopainting paradisesi tu ignores le nom des choses

l’Alternativa are special guests of Kino Evropský dům, the cinema series organised by Fresh Films at the House of European Culture in Prague. The programme includes fiction, animation, film essays and other experiments, previously screened at l’Alternativa. The recently inaugurated Kino Evropský dům brings together European film festivals, and creates a platform for curated programmes of European short film at twice monthly screenings.

7pm 31st March 2010
Jungmannova 24
110 00 Praha 1