The trio (Fassbinder, Herzog and Wenders)

Fassbinder and Herzog share prophetic words in Wim Wenders’ Room 666
“I think I’ll start by taking my shoes off…. you can’t answer a question like that with your shoes on” (Herzog)

To celebrate l’Alternativa’s 20th edition we present the history of the Festival through 22 feature films to give an idea of our rich, carefully crafted programmes and to show films that have played a key role in the evolution of the Festival in particular and independent filmmaking in general. It is only a taste, but we think it gives a flavour of what l’Alternativa stands for. The selection includes films by Fassbinder (Love is Colder than Death), Herzog (My Best Fiend) and Wenders (Alice in the Cities), all subject to retrospectives at l’Alternativa in the past. (To watch Room 666 try here).

liebe ist kalterel mein liebster feindalice in den staedten


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