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Call for Mentoring Projects

The directors, screenwriters and producers of five nonfiction or experimental feature-film projects at the writing or development stage will be selected to take part in a year-long programme of support comprising group sessions with industry professionals who will be involved in the artistic process right up until the production stage.

Over the course of twelve months, coordinated by Gabriela Iacob, participants will work on their projects, giving and receiving feedback to and from their peers and hired experts. Envisaged activities include assistance with writing a screenplay, presenting a dossier, designing funding strategies, drawing up contracts and agreements, selecting forms of distribution and targeting audiences. The series of monthly meetings will get under way in person at l’Alternativa and will then continue online as both individual and group sessions.

At the end of the programme, and provided that participants have successfully completed the Mentoring Projects programme in full, each of the five selected projects will be awarded a €2,000 grant to cover participants’ expenses related to their required presence at l’Alternativa PRO, their work on writing and developing their project and any documents that have had to be translated into other languages for the benefit of tutors, as well as any other expenses directly related to their participation in the programme.

The Selection Committee may also decide to consider this project for the following Cinema Pendent programmes:

  2. Mentoring Acció Cinema Pendent
  3. GAC Pitching Forum

Eligible prizes:

  1. Cinema Pendent Prize
  2. Kinolux & Welab Prize
  3. Non Finito Prize
  4. Río Bravo Prize
  5. Antaviana Prize
  6. Music Library & SFX Prize
  7. MECAS Prize

L’Alternativa PRO also offers
  • Personalised Advice Sessions. Participants with shortlisted projects are called to meetings with experts in accordance with their particular needs, as identified by reading through their submitted project or following discussions of requirements. A carefully selected mix of accomplished screenwriters, consultants, producers, distributors, commissioners, editors, sales agents, festival programmers and institutional representatives will be invited as experts to ensure sessions are as productive as possible.
  • Professional Accreditation. Participants with shortlisted projects will be issued with professional accreditation to attend all festival screenings and l’Alternativa PRO activities.
  • Meeting Points. In addition to the specific activities for each project, l’Alternativa PRO also organises a series of lunches, social get-togethers and parties offering participants further opportunities to engage accredited professionals in conversation.
  • Project Follow-Up. Projects will receive ongoing support on social media and newsletters until they finally reach the big screen.
  • On-the-Spot Meetings. We also employ our in-depth knowledge of filmmakers’ careers and expectations to arrange on-the-spot meetings and help forge ties between industry experts and project participants.


With funding from
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Catalan Films 2022
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