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Cinema Pendent 2024

Cinema Pendent General Terms and Conditions

Call for EXTREMLAB Projects

Aimed at emerging creators and producers, this programme will select five projects (documentary, fiction or experimental short films, feature films or series) by students from different areas of Spain in partnership with a film or audiovisual school.

EXTREMLAB aims to foster collaborations between creators, producers, financial backers and filmgoers by creating opportunities for networking at one-to-one meetings and professional development sessions organised by l’Alternativa PRO and Novena Nube designed to equip filmmakers with the knowledge, expertise and confidence in networking to forge a career in creative filmmaking and responsible, sustainable production. This is a unique opportunity for young filmmakers to gain unparalleled access to industry experts and learn vital lessons in the craft of filmmaking which they can then use to explore and develop their own projects to the full. Crucially, there is no generation gap between participants and tutors, who have all swiftly become experts in their field after tasting success early on in their career.

The selected projects will first take part in an initial round of meetings and training activities at the 31st edition of l'Alternativa, making the most of the festival’s potential as a platform for promoting independent filmmaking. The projects will then participate in a ten-day creative residency at the 3rd edition of the Badajoz Cine Fest, where creators will be able to explore their projects in greater detail.

Finally, in partnership with the Malaga Film Festival, the selected filmmakers will get the opportunity to present themselves to industry professionals at MAFIZ (the festival’s industry zone). This initiative aims to help bring key players to often neglected areas of Spain, as well as creating fertile territory for keenly competitive filmmakers with a responsible and sustainable outlook to carve out a professional and creative place for themselves in tomorrow’s filmmaking industry.

Each of the five selected projects will be awarded a €3,000 grant to cover participants’ expenses related to their required presence at l’Alternativa PRO, Badajoz Cine Fest and MAFIZ.

An initiative of the film production and cultural events company Novena Nube, which has been responsible for producing l’Alternativa PRO since 2010.

Tutors for the 2nd edition of EXTREMLAB: Alberto Martín Menacho, María Pérez Sanz, Cristina Hergueta, Tasio, Roberto Butragueño, Miquel Escudero, María Gisèlle and Julia de Castro.

The Selection Committee may also decide to consider this project for the following Cinema Pendent programmes:

  1. Mentoring Projects
  2. GAC Pitching Forum
  3. Mentoring Acció Cinema Pendent
  4. Development Lab
  5. WIP Screenings

Eligible prizes:

  1. Cinema Pendent Prize
  2. Kinolux & Welab Prize
  3. Non Finito Prize
  4. Río Bravo Prize
  5. Antaviana Prize
  6. Music Library & SFX Prize
  7. MECAS Prize

L’Alternativa PRO also offers
  • Professional Accreditation. Participants with shortlisted projects will be issued with professional accreditation to attend all festival screenings and l’Alternativa PRO activities.
  • Meeting Points. In addition to the specific activities for each project, l’Alternativa PRO also organises a series of lunches, social get-togethers and parties offering participants further opportunities to engage accredited professionals in conversation.
  • Project Follow-Up. Projects will receive ongoing support on social media and newsletters until they finally reach the big screen.
  • On-the-Spot Meetings. We also employ our in-depth knowledge of filmmakers’ careers and expectations to arrange on-the-spot meetings and help forge ties between industry experts and project participants.
    • Five projects to be selected
    • Short and feature films
    • Fiction, nonfiction, hybrid, animation, experimental
    • Writing, development, preproduction, production, editing, postproduction stage
    • Aimed at directors, producers and screenwriters
  • Call for projects opens 30 April and closes 4 July 2024
  • €6 registration fee


With funding from
ICEC 2 de los 3 juntos
AC/E ACE (new)
Catalan Films 2022
Supported by
Novena Nube 2023
In collaboration with
Kinolux (new)
Figtree (new)
Antaviana Films (new)
Music Library (new)
Río Bravo Cinema Studio
REC (new)
Tyndall Telecom
Filmoteca de Extremadura
Teatro López de Ayala
Herdade dos Adaens
Facultad de Ciencias de la Documentación y la Comunicación (UEX)
Concejalía de Juventud de Badajoz