18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

El dilema de las anguilas

Cinema Pendent Projects


Four young women with very different, challenging backgrounds find themselves sharing a safe house in Barcelona. The threat of losing the flat forces them to take shared, compassionate decisions as their only way forward.


Elena Molina is a documentary filmmaker who is writing her first fiction film. Her project Remember My Name won the Best WIP Award at Atlàntida Film Fest and the Corte Final Award at DocumentaMadrid, which is where she met Mika and Mariamu, who made their first film, Qué planeta reinaría, after studying at the Dentro Cine film school at Cineteca Madrid. Angy was Mika’s housemate. Saray has graduated from the school and has always dreamt of being a director. Together they are making their project a reality.