15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Os corpos



Every year the streets of Ourense, Galicia, stage one the oldest forms of carnival. Os corpos transports viewers right to the beating heart of torchlit parades thronged with ecstatic revellers immersed in this ancient pagan rite.


Eloy Domínguez Serén (Simes, Galicia 1985) graduated from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 2010. In 2012 he  moved to Sweden, where he made his first short, Pettring, followed two years later by the short No novo céio and the medium-length Jet lag. Ingen ko på isen premiered at Visions du Réel in 2015 and was screened at l'Alternativa. His feature Hamada (2018) won awards at Cinéma du Réel, Gijón, Porto/Post/Doc and Tempo. Os corpos premiered at IDFA and has been screened at Clermont-Ferrand, Bafici, Jeonju and True/False.